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Awesome Shows in New York

Broadway is New York and year in, year out, it continues to draw sky-high attendance figures as both locals and tourists come back from repeated viewings of long-running beloved musicals. In New York, theatre is more popular than football. In the Big Apple, musicals leave baseball in the dust. But the 40-theatre strong Broadway community […]

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The Irish Coast – Road to Heaven

Ireland is famous for its verdant greenery. It is covered with lush vegetation, its hills and valleys filled with rich flora and fauna, and gently tumbling brooks. It is a magical place that can be impossibly beautiful, as Yeats and Keats have immortalized it. Yeats was Irish and Keats travelled to Ireland and fell in […]

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Miscellaneous Melbourne

Melbourne has been considered one of the best cities to live in on the planet. What this means is that Melbourne has an attraction that is not easily relayed through words. Instead of exploring a theme of the city, this article will throw a few things out there at random with the hope that your […]

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Online currency exchanges for easy international transfers

Some people go and visit a country but then decide they love it so much that they want to put down roots there and buy a property. If you can live abroad while still earning your living in the UK, it’s like a dream come true for some people. But there’s a lot of admin […]

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Ideas For Things To Do on a Venice City Break

You have narrowed it down to a Venice city break, and now you need some background on some things to see and do.  With such a huge choice, Corona Holidays have brought you just 3 ideas in the hope of making your selection easier. Venice Jazz Club You can find the Venice Jazz Club in […]

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Cuba

Cuba has been in the news frequently in the past week thanks to endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, completing the crossing to Florida. In doing so, she became the first to swim without a shark cage. This is obviously something you did know about but what might you not know about the Communist country? With […]

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Touring the UK by Car

Road trips are the best holiday one can possibly imagine. You get to jump in your car and just simply start exploring, no schedule required. Driving across the UK is an adventure and an opportunity to see the beauty this country has to offer and the fantastic unique landscapes that will surely leave you speechless. […]

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A BC Road Trip

There are few better ways to really seep in a region’s cultural and visual beauties than with a road trip. Allowing travelers to explore a range of different areas, road trips are often unforgettable experiences. Due to the variety of different landscapes, sites, towns and cities in Canada, it is up there with the world’s […]

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Top 5 casinos to visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has more to offer than just bright lights and 24 hour action on the strip, but this Nevada holiday destination is renowned for its casinos and a visit to this exciting American city is not complete without taking in a few of the best casinos. If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas […]

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Nursing Opportunities Abroad

One of the great aspects of becoming a nurse is the fact it provides a universal service. From Australia to the United States, Mexico to China and every other country in between, there is an immediate need for skilled, trained nurses. Due to this, if you are looking for nursing opportunities abroad there are several […]

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