Nursing Opportunities Abroad

Red Cross nurses

One of the great aspects of becoming a nurse is the fact it provides a universal service. From Australia to the United States, Mexico to China and every other country in between, there is an immediate need for skilled, trained nurses. Due to this, if you are looking for nursing opportunities abroad there are several options available to you. You just need to know where to look.

General Qualifications

Different countries and regions are going to have different qualifications and requirements for you to become a nurse and to serve in the country. While the information is probably not going to be any different from what you have learned already in the United States, the measurements are most likely going to be different, due to most nations using the metric system over the imperial system. So, you’ll have to learn the crossover and conversions for these measurements.Certified Nurse Educators can work virtually anywhere. It does not matter if you attended nurse practitioner programs in PA or around the world, your degree will work anywhere.

. Foreign countries want to make sure you are able to provide the correct amount of medication and fluids, so knowing this information is necessary.

Outside of the simple measurement crossover, you’ll also need to know a foreign language for certain areas. Depending on the job you are looking for and what kind of position you desire, the foreign language skill is very important. This is something that is going to help you work in a local hospital or other medical facility in which you have to directly communicate with patients, doctors and other individuals who may or may not speak English. If you’re planning on moving to an English speaking country, such as Australia or the United Kingdom, this is not an issue, but having the ability to speak multiple languages is always a perk.


If you just want to travel generally throughout the world but don’t really have a select country you wish to visit, the military might be a desirable option. The military is always looking for trained, skilled nurses who are able to complete basic training and work in military hospitals. From the Army to the Navy, these different branches are going to utilize nurses and doctors, not to mention provide you with added perks and bonuses, including money to help pay back school, so this is an excellent option for you.

Red Cross

Natural disasters happen all the time, and it always seems to take a toll on third-world countries, where the civilians don’t have as much and the medical community is unable to provide support for the other nations. Due to this, nonprofit organizations are always traveling out to other countries in order to provide medical aid and services. You can donate your time to the American Red Cross and they can help you in times of crisis. So whether it is the Dominican Republic or Thailand, there are nations all across the world that might need your help, should such a natural disaster or event take place.

Travel Nurse

Due to a shortage of trained nurses throughout different areas of the world, it is possible to travel to different nations in order to provide your nursing services, although you are generally not in one location for an extended period of time. Assignments are generally around 13 weeks or so, although it can be extended, depending on the situation and circumstances. There are travel nurse agencies that work with international hospitals all across the planet, so if this is something you are interested in or would want to consider, make sure to check out travel nurse agencies and see where who usually work with and send nurses to. This allows you to skip around the globe.