Top 5 casinos to visit in Las Vegas


Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (Creative Commons)

Las Vegas has more to offer than just bright lights and 24 hour action on the strip, but this Nevada holiday destination is renowned for its casinos and a visit to this exciting American city is not complete without taking in a few of the best casinos.

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas make it a memorable and magical trip and stop in at the top 5 casinos for a once in a lifetime experience.

The Bellagio

This casino and hotel is renowned for opulence, excess and over indulgence. In addition to an incredible gaming floor that attracts the world’s richest players the Bellagio also features an art museum, lush botanical gardens and superb restaurants. Don’t miss the world famous fountain show which is choreographed to classic hits from Frank Sinatra and other top musicians.

The Venetian

One of Vegas’ newest casinos, the Venetian is inspired by Venice and those keen to capture the ambience and romance of Italy can enjoy a guided gondola tour on the canals. The casino is one of the biggest in Vegas and the selection of restaurants, entertainment and shops is immense.

Built to resemble a private beach resort, Mandalay Bay is truly an original. The casino floor is flanked by a shark reef and the resort is over the top even by Vegas standards! It has to be seen to be believed and high rollers flock to the tables, so if you keen on a game check the bet requirements upfront.

Caesers Palace

Step back into the age of Roman opulence at Caesers Palace where massive columns, glittering fountains and incredible statues are scattered throughout the casino and resort. A visit to the casino and gaming rooms is a must and the grand Roman styling is enjoyed to full effect on the gaming floor.

The Luxor

An Egyptian pyramid in Vegas, the Luxor is designed to reflect a Pharaohs Palace but with all the modern amenities you could dream of. The casino is the main attraction and all traditional games are well represented. Award winning shows and other exceptional entertainment are also on offer in this homage to Egyptian opulence.