Beer culture in England

Falcon Okell's Brewery

Falcon Okell’s Brewery

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” this quote by Benjamin Franklin pretty much explains English attitude towards beer drinking. The country of royal heritage and exclusive traditions has a wonderful contrast of punk music and hundreds or even thousands of fine English pubs.

The history of the most popular drink in the world goes back hundreds of centuries. In England, for example, it was used as a religious drink that even had a name “Church Ale”.

In general every city and town in England has one or two pubs but if you are interested in a beer tour through the country you have to decide, which one to take. All in all there are about 20 most popular beer tours that go from London to Edinburgh.

The first most famous beer tour starts in a little place called Balgarth, in Braddan. This little town has legendary Okell’s Brewery where everybody can try delicious, freshly made beer right from a barrel. The tour starts at 7-30 pm and lasts will 8 pm, good thing the bar is open till 10 pm so you will get to drink as much as you want. Okell’s tour costs around 9 Pounds; it includes food and beer but not transportation.

Second most wanted tour in England takes you to the market town Burnley in Lancashire. Burnley’s market has a 700 history and its brewery is one of the most well-known in Great Britain. It is called Moorhouse Brewery, dating back over 150 years with equipment of 100 years old. As usually you can try, smell and take away as much beer as you want. There are also games and prizes closely connected to the tour theme.

If you have a chance to traveler further, stop by Edinburgh’s Caledonian Brewery. The brewery is a living and working museum of the finest drink in the country, dating back to the Victorian times. It was opened in 1869 it survived 2 wars and now is the only beer brewery in the city. The place provides 3 tours, all interesting and fun. All tours are 18+ and include taste tests of all kinds of beer.

The last tour I would recommend to attend is an inclusive and super fancy beer tour to the country town Lewes in the East Sussex. The town itself has nice architecture, hospitable people and surprisingly delicious local food. The tour is called Harveys& Son Brewery, it is located in the picturesque alley in the charming factory. The tour is definitely the most popular in the country the waiting list is more than 2 years.