Why Cruise Holidaying is Getting Popular with Young Families

Cruise ship

The number of Aussies taking cruises has risen by 11% over the past 12 months and has more than doubled over the past 4 years. There’s no doubt that cruising has become a hugely popular way to holiday, and young people with families are probably the biggest contributing demographic to these statistics. But why are so many young families choosing to cruise the seas?

Kid-Friendly Cruises

There are many cruises now on offer that are packed full of facilities and activities for children. Forget the foxtrot classes and bridge groups, move over nightclubs and onboard raves, the modern cruise ship is a floating wonderland for kids, decked out with all sorts of exciting things for kids to see and do. Whether your kids like arcades and video games, sports and swimming, music and movies, there’s a whole ship full of supervised entertainment provided for youngsters. Most family ships will have kids clubs where children can socialise and experience all that’s on offer with their newly-made friends.

Onboard Child-Care

While it’s nice to explore the ship together and get the whole family involved, it wouldn’t be much of a cruise if parents didn’t get a little down-time in which to do some serious relaxing without the kids to entertain. Many modern, family-friendly cruise liners have fantastic child-care and kids club programs that will keep your kids entertained and out of your hair for hours, while you get to soak up the luxurious cruise lounges, bars, restaurants, entertainment and other adult’s activities.

Adults-Only Spaces

Most cruise ships will also have designated adults-only areas and activites for parents to enjoy. These will allow you to not only take time out from your own kids for a little while, but also from everybody else’s. These adults-only spaces will provide grown-ups some solace from happy, high-energy youngsters when it’s needed.

Family Friendly Atmosphere

Whereas cruise ships were perhaps considered to be for older people in the past, or where they’ve more recently gained a bit of a reputation for being hubs for crazy young party-goers, cruising is now proving itself as a very family-friendly holiday option that caters for parents and kids to have a safe and exciting vacation on the sea.

With the rise in cruising as a popular holiday amongst young families there are now cruises that are specifically aimed at family fun and keeping kids entertained. You can still find cruises that better suit different demographics but now, like never before, the availability and popularity of family cruises means it’s not difficult to avoid a holiday that’s either too relaxed for the kids or full of partying singles.

Show the Kids the World, Without the Stress

Taking your family on a cruise is a fantastic way to show your kids the world and bring them with you to explore the globe. Travelling with kids has the potential to be very stressful when you start considering international flights, airport stopovers, long trips in cars, buses or trains, and trying to create a holiday where both parents and kids are satisfied. Cruising takes out all the stress. Your kids are occupied, entertained and supervised, you have the freedom to relax without them or join in activities with them, and everything is taken care of, all your food, accommodation and travel are combined.

If a cruise ship holiday sounds like the perfect vacation for you and your kids, it might be time to start looking around for the best, family-friendly cruise holidays. Cruiseabout is a great place to start; they offer loads of wonderful cruise options for parents and kids. So hop on the internet or speak to a travel agent and start planning your dream family cruise!