Checked Off before Checking In: Essential Packing Tips for Families

If you are planning a big family trip to Europe, you’ll want to make sure you pack all the right things before you go. While you can always buy the essentials if you stay in a big city anywhere in Europe, it’s best to take what you need—and there are some things that you really don’t want to forget.

Here’s a guide to packing for your big family vacation to ensure everyone has what they need for the trip.

Medicines & Prescriptions

One item you will not want to forget when packing for a trip with kids is any medicine or prescriptions your family members need. You don’t want to waste any days of your vacation seeking out an English-speaking doctor and getting confused with different brand names when finding the right medicine.

Pack what you need and keep them in your carry-on luggage so you know you always have them handy.

Toys and Gadgets

Depending on the age of your children, they might have favorite toys they want to take with them. If they are slightly older, they might want to take a smartphone, tablet, or another gadget.

Toys will provide the younger children with comfort when they are away from home. And gadgets can help to keep kids happy on long journeys—which will be especially useful for the long flight.

Check the Weather

If you are traveling to somewhere like Italy in the middle of the summer, you will almost be guaranteed hot weather. But the weather will vary depending on where you are going, and the forecast might be rain for the week you are there.

Make sure you check in advance and pack the right clothes for the weather you are expecting. You might also want to pack some sunscreen, although this will also be easy to find on arrival.

Know What NOT to Pack

It’s also a good idea to know what you don’t need to pack. For example, should you pack an iron? If you are staying at a good hotel, you will probably be able to borrow an iron or use the hotel’s laundry service.

Such extras are common in international hotels like the Bulgari Hotel Milano by Marriott in Milan, and they know what their international guests want from their stay. So once you know where you are staying, find out what the hotel will provide you so you can leave some things at home.

Pack All the Essential Items

Finally, make sure you’ve got all the absolute essentials. This includes your credit cards and some cash, the passports, flight tickets, travel insurance, and any visas you may need. Even if you forget everything else, as long as you have these you should still be able to enjoy your vacation.

Use an App to Help

If you really hate packing, you might want to get a helping hand from a mobile app. An app like PackPoint (find it on both Google Play and iOS) can be really useful.

This is a free app that gives you guidance based on various factors including where you are going, the weather, how long you are going for, activities you want to do, and more to make your packing easier.

Pack as Light as You Can

These are some of the things to keep in mind when you pack for your trip to Europe. Finally, although you will not want to forget anything important, try to pack as lightly as possible, especially if you are going to be moving around a lot. Traveling with your whole family can be stressful, so try to make it easier by packing as lightly as you can get away with.

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