When the Best Part is Getting There: Tech Gadgets to Make Your Journey Easier and More Fun

Power converters are one of many Tech Gadgets to Make Your Journey Easier and More Fun

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Traveling can provide you with new experiences, a chance to see things you’ve never seen before and meet people who are different. It’s a great way to learn about the world we live in.

Sometimes, though, traveling can get stressful. Scheduling conflicts, booking hotel reservations and even deciding what to do along the way can get overwhelming at times. Here are a few things that can make your travels easier and may even let you have a little more fun as well.

A Good Power Converter

When you’re traveling through different parts of the world, there’s a good chance that the electrical outlets you come across will not be compatible with the devices you bought in your home country. The good news is, a converter system like this one can keep you plugged in and charge everywhere you go.

This system plugs into nearly any outlet you will find and will also convert the power to match so you don’t fry your devices. It uses a base and three different styles of plug and allows you to charge up to four devices at a time on over 150 countries around the world.

It comes in a compact case and has a five-foot extension cord so you can use it anywhere in your hotel room.

Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Knowing what the weather has in store for you is key when you’re traveling, and this weather app for Android smartphones can tell you the conditions anywhere in the world.

Weather Live Free will tell you the temperature and what it “feels like” outside so you will know exactly what to wear at any time. It also tells you the wind speed and direction, so if you plan on doing an outdoor adventuring, you’ll be ready. You can also watch an up-to-the-minute weather radar, so you can keep track of any systems that may rain on your day.

The app is sleek and intuitive, and it has a built-in widget so that you don’t even have to open it to get the vital information that you want.

Watch Your Favorite Videos

After a day of sightseeing and adventuring, you may just want to wind down with some videos. This streaming stick from Roku is a great way to take those videos with you wherever you go.

The stick plugs directly into the USB port of a television, so you will need to have a room that provides a newer one. You will also need WiFi access. Once you plug it in, you can watch YouTube and even Netflix, Hulu and HBO if you are subscribe to those channels, and they are not blocked by the region you are in.

The stick is very affordable and can provide you and your friends or family with some much-need quiet evening entertainment after a long day.

Next time you travel, try one of these gadgets and see if they make you journey easier!

A guest article by Eve Byrne who travels extensively for both business and pleasure. She writes about how to prepare and plan for a trip, making the best use of technology.

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