Four Ways You Can Invest Your Money to Fund Your Travels

Travelling the world is an incredible thing, as you get to explore new countries and continents, meet new people, and even learn more about yourself and vision for your own life. When it comes to travelling, many people work extra hard, perhaps taking on a side job, then save for a long time before they go. However, savvy travellers realise that there are a whole host of opportunities available to them nowadays. These options enable you to invest a little money and time and then to make money as you travel. It give you total freedom to go where you want when you, want, plus it’s pretty fun being your boss. Here are five ways that you use your money to make more money as you travel the world.

Online Trading

An option that is becoming increasingly popular is online trading. With a little knowledge and money you can invest your funds into purchasing stocks online. There are online platforms such as CMC markets which make it really easy to make your money work for you either in stock or other online investments. Online trading is not an easy route, as it does require a lot of skill and patience in order to be able to learn the ropes. But, once mastered, many traders are able to generate a nice income for themselves, of which many use to travel the world.

Buy Stock with Dividends

Similar to the option above, but rather than deal in stock why not purchase stock with dividends. Dividends refer to an amount or percentage that a company or stock will pay out to owners on a regular basis. Remember to do you research and buy wisely when it comes to this option and always purchase through a reputable broker. The great thing about stock is you can sell them when you want. Keep this in mind should your stocks start to decrease n value.

Stock Photography

You can also invest your money into professional camera equipment which you can use to make money as you do your globetrotting. WIth just £1000, you can purchase a very high quality DSLR Camera, which is capable of taking pro photos. You may need to invest in a few other pieces of gear, including memory cards, stabilizers, tripods and the likes, as well as a good photo editing software such as Photoshop. If you’re new to photography, then you’ll need to hone your skills, so invest in a course to take before you leave.

Once you’re away, you can snap at your favourite subjects. Stock photography can be focused on any form of subjects, so you can take photos of people, landscapes or animals to name but a few. You will then need to format your photos and list them on stock photo websites where you will receive royalties every time they are sold.

Exporting Local Goods

If you’re business-minded then you may want to think about exporting local products when you’re travelling. For example, parts of India are famous for their beautiful rugs and woven work. You could purchase some items (or even have them made) and then export them back to your home country. You can them sell them when you get home at markets and stall, or even contact buyers when you are away and ship direct to them. Another option is to purchase items and to list them for sale on eBay internationally. This option does require you to post the items individually though, so make sure that you are fully prepared for that. The possibilities are endless with this one so get your thinking caps on.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use your money wisely to work for you. Investing your money is a good idea, as you could be able to find ways to get yourself some good returns. Of course, there may be losses, but you have to carefully decide the risks in order to find something that you are comfortable with. Try out several of the ideas and you could find something that you are truly passionate about. Good luck!

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