SVG: A Hidden Goldmine of Paradise

It might not be on the front pages of the travel brochures, but perform a bit of your own travel research and you might stumble across a destination going by the name of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Sure, it might have something of a long-winded name, but don’t let this put you off. SVG, as we’ll now call it for the purposes of simplicity, contains some of the most exotic locations in the Caribbean islands.

In truth, we could talk about this destination from an age and start with the Kingstown Capital. However, from more of a tourism perspective, it would be easier to concentrate on the umpteen islands that form SVG. This Caribbean getaway contains no fewer than thirty two islands, meaning that there’s more than enough to keep a visitor going.

To highlight exactly what is on offer, we’ll now take a look at some of the best things you can do at this Caribbean gem.

Owia Salt Pond

With the islands surrounded by volcanic rock, the salt ponds in the region are bordering on breathtaking. Some sources have compared swimming in Owia like bathing in an aquarium – which tells its own story.

You’ll come across corals, reef fish and all other forms of natural beauty. Due to the number of rocks that are based around the pond, there is a degree of protection from the nearby ocean which means that much of the water is completely still.

Countless hiking trails

If you’re in the business of hiking, SVG is going to be a favorite. This is another example of a short guide not being able to do the activities justice, but we will name some of the best hikes to give an idea on what’s on offer.

Firstly, we have the hike around La Soufriere Volcano. Visitors are able to trek right to the top of the volcano, providing you with natural beauty along the way, and exquisite views as you reach the summit.

Then, there are all of the nature trails. Whether it’s the Vermont or Cumberland trail, you’ll venture through the rainforest and bask in the glorious nearby scenery.

With countless bays and mountains situated around the islands, it goes without saying that anyone who is visiting SVG with hiking in mind is absolutely spoilt for choice.

The ‘critter capital’

One group who may be familiar with SVG are those that have taken a particular interest in critters. In short, SVG has been classed as the ‘critter capital of the Caribbean’ by numerous sources, meaning that visitors can come face-to-face with anything from seahorses to tunicates during a diving expedition.

If you’ve taken part in diving before, you’ll be shocked at the number of critters who frequent the nearby waters. It’s understood that the location of SVG means that both the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea currents combine and therefore ‘mix’ huge numbers of them together. Regardless of the reason, any diving enthusiasts are sure to be in their element. Make sure you take your GoPro.

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