What to expect on a holiday to Benidorm Spain

Views like this await you on a holiday to Benidorm Spain ... photo by CC user Siocaw on wikimedia

Giving Benidorm, Spain a try for this year’s upcoming summer holidays? If you are worried about boredom creeping in after day three on your sun lounger, you’ll be pleased to know that this well-established Spanish resort area has a variety of entertainment options available. The options listed below are only a start to the possibilities that await you on a holiday to Benidorm Spain…

Theme park fun for everyone

Headed to Benidorm with your family this summer, or have folks in your travel party that are young at heart? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is no less than four major theme parks in the area, each with their own unique attractions to keep you engaged.

Terra Mítica has a variety of thrilling rides and live shows based on cultures from around the Mediterranean, Aqualandia and Mundomar are located next to each other and offer water-based attractions and marine animal exhibits respectively, while Terra Natura is a zoological park that allows you and your children to have close access to over 200 species of avian and terrestrial animals.

A natural island paradise, mere minutes from downtown Benidorm

Need a break from the crushing crowds that file into Benidorm during the height of peak season? Taking a boat tour out to Benidorm Island is a way to get the space that you so desperately need, as well as serving as a way for nature lovers to see the isle’s native population of peacocks. This place is basically a massive rocky outcrop surging skyward at a steep angle, so be sure to bring good shoes when visiting.

Cuevas del Canelobre: come for the subterranean scenery, stay for the music

Looking for one of Benidorm’s best underground highlights? Bad jokes aside, Cuevas del Canelobre is a spectacular subterranean sight that will get you out of the intense Spanish sun for an hour or two, as there are a number of intricately carved caverns to explore, most of which are lit up for your enjoyment. If you are fortunate enough to be here at the right time, events like concerts and wine tastings are often held here, allowing you take in some local culture in a most unexpected place.

Lounge on some of Spain’s best urban beaches

When you book an all-inclusive holiday in Benidorm, you’ll have direct and easy access to some of the finest city beaches that Spain has to offer. The two main strips of sand within Benidorm are Levante, which is the social hub of the city throughout the summer months, as it is backed by numerous restaurants, shops and pubs, and Poniente, which tends to be more family friendly compared with the devil may care attitude of its more boisterous neighbor.

Paint the town red at the nightspot of your choice

The rowdy energy that reigns on the beach during the day finds its way into its many pubs, bars and nightclubs after dark. With over 800 establishments to choose from (from Spanish cantinas to Irish pubs, along with clubs hosting the hottest DJ’s later at night), finding a place that meshes with your personality won’t be a matter of if, but when.

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