Caribbean Spotlight: Beautiful St. Barts

From Gustavia's amazing harbor to its stunning beaches, there is much to love about beautiful St. Barts ... photo by CC user Evaneggers on wikimedia

The Caribbean has a multitude of islands that all compete for attention with the vacationing public, but it is not an easy task, as flawless beaches and baby blue water can be found almost everywhere throughout the region. St. Bart’s stands out in this category, and with several other advantages, it makes for a destination that you should resolve to see this year.

With many luxury St. Barts villa rentals by the beach, finding a proper place to stay will not be a problem, and with many amazing activities waiting to be attempted each and everyday, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do first. Here are four that we particularly like in beautiful St. Barts…

1) Stretch out on some of the most perfect beaches in the Caribbean

Around the circumference of this Caribbean pearl are some of the best beaches in a region renowned for having some of the best strips of sand in the world. Crystalline waters and blinding white sand await you at secluded spots like Gouverneur Beach, which are often hemmed in by towering promontories and dense jungle. Whether you prefer this or more social beaches closer to populated areas, finding your seaside moment of bliss will not be a problem on St. Bart’s.

2) Go on a submarine safari

You could learn how to SCUBA dive, but let’s be honest: it sounds like a lot of work, and maybe even a bit dangerous. A submarine safari allows you to see most of what a diver does, all without spending time in a classroom or worrying about things like surfacing slowly to ensure proper decompression.

Be sure to get on a tour that takes you to see the shipwreck of the Marignan (which sank in 1995), which will prove to be the highlight of your submarine trip along with all the colorful coral reefs and fish that you undoubtedly see along the way.

3) Explore the coast on a sailing excursion

The low mountains, rugged coast and perfect beaches of St. Bart’s are a wonder to behold, and there is no better way to full appreciate them all than by taking a sailing ship or a catamaran around the circumference of the island. With a variety of sunset, half and full day cruises on the menu, you can enjoy the on-water experience that you have always dreamed of on St. Bart’s.

4) Shop for luxury goods, duty-free

Another advantage to holidaying on St. Bart’s is that fact that the ports here have shops with duty-free exemptions bestowed upon them. Luxury brands that include names like Louis Vuitton and Cartier can be found here, so get your charge card ready for some serious deal nabbing.

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