Make Others Happy When Surfacing with a Boat

Getting out on the water is both enjoyable and therapeutic for many Americans, be it a nice summer day or maybe in the spring or fall. For real diehards, some time out on the water in the wintertime is the perfect solution.

While millions of people like the time spent on the water, reaching the countless lakes, rivers and even an ocean or two can be financially challenging.


Whether it means renting a boat for the day, spending some time on a boat owned by a family member or friend or going on a boat with coworkers, the challenge oftentimes is finding the right boat to hit the water with. One way to make sure not only you and your family and friends but others too enjoy boating is by donating a boat. If you’re wondering how a boat donation can help others, keep in mind that it is easier to do than you might think.

For starters, via innovative partnerships and the processing of vehicles, it is possible to convert your boat or yacht donation into a sizable value for charities.

In order to get the process rolling, all that is needed is working with a company or organization that deals in this line of business.

Once the information (including imagery) of your boat (also trailers and jet skis) is made available, the boat can be listed online, with its exact value noted. Best of all, there is no charge to the boat owner for listing and donating their possession. In order to improve the odds of your boat being quickly donated, make sure you have a boat that is both well-maintained and safe for sail out on the water.

This includes checking off the following items:

Fuel system – It is critical that your fuel tank is free of any contaminants and it is secured. This means making sure there are no leaks related to the tank and hose, along with keeping the engine area free of any materials that could easily spark a fire;

Electrical system – Another critical operating area of the boat, it is important that all the vehicle’s wiring is properly aligned and there are no shorts, i.e. areas that may lead to a fire starting in the wiring itself. Also look for any possible corrosion in terminals that might lead to shorts and a fire. Lastly, any and all batteries should be protected from exposure, along with making sure they are properly charged for operation;

Clean as can be – Not only does having a clean boat make sense in that it will be easier to donate, but you also want to make sure you’ve given it a thorough cleaning to prevent any health issues and/or injuries. Go over the boat from front to back to make sure it is free of any mold, there are no objects exposed which could injure someone, and it is properly maintained to prevent any falls (i.e. areas where mats or other items could lead to slipping). Using a mild detergent to clean the boat is fine; just make sure you have not left any areas untouched. In the event the boat has been kept in storage for some time now, make sure you inspect again for any mildew or mold issues. You should also remove and shampoo the carpet if possible, then allow it to get a good dry in the sun. The same holds true for any curtains/drapes etc. and any other items (cloth etc.) that have likely picked up dirt over time. If you have a shower on board and/or a eating area (refrigerator etc.), be sure to give those areas a thorough cleaning. Also look to see if there are any abrasions, cracks etc. inside and out which could lead to problems for the next owner.

Finally, make sure to be up front when donating your boat, i.e. mentioning any accidents etc. that the vehicle was in during your ownership. Even the smallest of accidents (recently or in the past) could have compromised one or more areas of the boat, so make sure you have documented such details and provide them at the time of your donation.

With the enjoyment that millions of boaters get from being out on the water, make others happy by enjoying time on the boat you once called home.

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