Sun and Sand in Gran Canaria: Chill Out on the Best Beaches

El coleccionista de instantes (Creative Commons)

El coleccionista de instantes (Creative Commons)

Sunblock – check, swimsuit – check, sunglasses – on, suitcase –packed.  Having the holiday of a lifetime in Gran Canaria is easy to do, but bear in mind that there are a number of beaches here that would simply be a pity to miss. Here are some of the most famous ones, so make sure you visit them all.

Maspalomas, the Dune Paradise

Maspalomas is known to be one of most highly recommended beaches in Gran Canaria. With its impressive desert-like sand dune system and even a freshwater lagoon nearby, it is something not to be missed. Not only can you do some well-deserved sunbathing and reading, but you’ll also have the chance to go surfing, sailing, play volleyball, check out that lagoon, have a walk through the dunes and even ride a camel around them. There is also a variety of bars and restaurants on the beach, so if you don’t feel too adventurous, you can have a seafood meal with a sea view.

Amadores Beach: Too Good to be True

Amadores beach, an impressive half-moon-shaped beach with white sand and incredibly blue water, was actually built by the tourism industry, but this doesn’t make the place less beautiful or less enjoyable. If anything, it can be even more enjoyable, as everything is nicely taken care for you. It is a beautifully sheltered and safe place, as there are many lifeguards, making it the perfect place for families with kids. It also has plenty of loungers, bars, and restaurants, so if you are looking for a highly convenient place for some lazy and relaxing sunbathing time, Amadores is the place to go.

Anfi Del Mar: Are We in the Pacific?

Anfi Del Mar, or simply called Anfi by the locals, is another stunning artificial beach. It was made by a company to be a private beach, yet, since Spanish laws forbid private beaches, it can be enjoyed by everybody now. And there is plenty to enjoy: you can rent jet skis, rent a small boat, go for a quick boat tour to see the area, or take a glass bottom boat and explore the ocean life. Naturally, spending a day at Anfi without doing much is also a treat, as the water here is light blue, the sand is white and all the good food and drinks are within a hand’s reach.

The Sun Is Awaiting

With beaches like that, you should have no doubts whether holidays to Gran Canaria are the best choice for you. What else would you need? There’s the sun, sand, water sports, some good seafood and a cold pint, if that’s what you’re after. All you do need to do now is book that ticket and go.

This is a guest post by Melissa Nash, a freelance writer and gastro-blogger who shares her experiences on various blogs.