Top Adrenaline Travel Adventures


Some people like to live on the edge. They are never satisfied with just sunbathing their vacation days on the beach. These are the ones that want thrill and adventure in their days off.

If you are an adrenaline freak who likes to feel a glimpse of the danger or diving in shark-infested waters, getting up-close-and-personal with a gorilla is the one of the most courageous things to do.

Listed below you will find 10 extreme travel adventures to get your heart racing and, just in case you aren’t quite ready to light yourself on fire in a movie-quality stunt, we’ve also included a similar –less-adrenaline-pulsing, a good alternative for each adventure-filled trips seeker.

If you get an adrenaline rush just by watching ‘The Fast and the Furious’ movie, your heart will feel like it’s about to come out of your chest when you experience the real thing while enjoying these beautiful adventure trips.

Gorilla Safari

For the chance to interact with the one of the world’s most-endangered species you have the opportunity to encounter  no more than 790 mountain gorillas and there is no better place than  Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda where you can spot one of these gentle herbivores. Surfing the internet you will find several safaris to the area that include eco-lodge stays.


If you’re a high-class top skier with a taste for adrenaline, take it to the skies by boarding a chopper and go for a heli-ski adventure, a sport that makes trekking up the mountain as exciting as the run down.

Heli skiing in Canada (creative commons)

Heli skiing in Canada (creative commons)

Mountain Climb

If you’re an accomplished climber, adventure travels tour operators offer many expeditions to Nepal, Kilimanjaro or the wonderful mountains of Peru.

Sand board

Sand boarding is a four-season extreme sport that has recently gained in popularity with snowboarders looking for a similar rush while admiring the desert landscapes. For the ultimate experience try Cerro Blanco near the Andes mountain range in Peru where you will find the world’s tallest sand dune.

Sandbording in Huacachina, Peru (creative commons)

Sandbording in Huacachina, Peru (creative commons)

Other adventure travels that you might be interested in would be shark dive, space travel and stunt dives. Every one of them will lift your adrenaline to a skyrocket level. Best therapy for these urges is to leave any doubts and book a holiday as fast as possible.