Wine and Travel, the Perfect Combination

If you are someone who loves your wines then you will know that you have access to wine from almost every nation on the planet in your local supermarket. Such is the international appeal of wine, it travels well and you can pick up some of the widest variety of wines with consummate ease. As enjoyable as it is, perusing the shelves of your grocery store to find a new and exciting win to try, how much more enjoyable would it be to visit the region itself, and sample the wine straight from the grape.

For those of you who adore wine and travel like Bennett Kireker, that is exactly what you can do, jet off to a far flung corner of the World and indulge in some of the finest wines, in the most beautiful of settings. There are wine tours available in most countries and today we are going to give a run down of our favorites.

Piedmont, Italy

As a nation to travel to, Italy offers tourists some of the finest and classical beautiful landscapes on the planet which incorporate bustling cities and quant little towns with traditional views on how life should be lived. Add to that mix a beautiful European wine region and you have Piedmont, the home of some of Italy’s finest wines. This region is packed with Michelin-starred restaurants that sit at the foot of the stunning Alps mountain range. Aside from its scenic and culinary beauty, Piedmont also creates some Barolos and Barbarescos that can only be described as stunning, if you are lucky, you may even be able to snag a couple of white truffles from the market to really enjoy with your wine.

La Rioja, Spain

Just a short flight away from Piedmont is the beautiful region of La Rioja in northern Spain, a vast and seemingly untouched region with over 500 wineries in operation. The techniques which are used in this region range from the very traditional to the ultra modern and the results are some of the finest Spanish wines in production. In terms of what to do during your time here, other than spending your afternoons in the tasting rooms of course, you could visit any one of the World Heritage sites here or the beautiful cathedral, there is even a wine hotel here should you really wish to indulge.

Barossa Valley

As far as new world wines go, not even South Africa can hold a torch to the wines which Australia are currently producing, right the way across the country. One of the finest places to visit for a wine tour is the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Scenic, hot, tranquil and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’re likely to see is what tourists can expect here and for those who love wine, you are in for a real treat. Rieslings and punchy Shiraz are the order of the day and many of the wineries who produced them offer free vineyard tours and many tasting sessions. Sunshine and a beautiful glass of freshly produced wine, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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