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Solo travel – a self discovery passport

Sometimes you feel the urge to just escape from the daily routine and book a trip somewhere where you can forget about problems and have a wonderful, relaxing time. But there is a big issue: I cannot go by myself, what is the point to go on a trip if I don’t have anybody to […]

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The sound of Vienna

Europe hosts a myriad of beautiful holiday destinations. When you start thinking about places to visit on the Old Continent, Vienna definitely comes up in your thoughts. Vienna offers many beautiful sights.  It captures a variety of grand imperial palaces, Baroque and Romanesque cathedrals, with historic museums standing out against contemporary squares. Combined with its […]

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Top Adrenaline Travel Adventures

  Some people like to live on the edge. They are never satisfied with just sunbathing their vacation days on the beach. These are the ones that want thrill and adventure in their days off. If you are an adrenaline freak who likes to feel a glimpse of the danger or diving in shark-infested waters, […]

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Safari Travel in Africa

When you imagine your perfect holiday do you see yourself in a warm place, surrounded by exotic landscapes, beautiful wild animals and amazing nature? Do you think of yourself as a little ‘Ace Ventura’? Then an African Safari is the best travel choice for you. If you are looking for a next holiday destination but […]

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