Reasons Why Berlin is Better in the Low Season

Families flock to Berlin during the summer to take advantage of the extended school vacation and warm, clear days. But there are some big reasons why the German capital is better during the chilly low season.

You’ll Save Money


The lack of crowds, lower prices, picturesque snow ... Berlin is better in the low season

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The period from late October to February is known as Berlin’s low season because it has the city’s lowest tourist numbers, and its lowest travel prices. Flights to Berlin are discounted as air carriers struggle to fill their planes, and hotel prices also drop for the same reason. You’ll also have more choice on when you fly and where you stay as fewer travel services sell out.

You can Enjoy Personalized Tours

Many local tour operators, like Berlin City Tours, offer private tours to small groups for a more intimate atmosphere. During the summer, competition is so fierce for the best tours that it’s easy to miss out. However, with fewer tourists in the city it’s much easier to secure your place. You’ll need to rug up on a walking or bike tour, but it’s worth braving the chill for the personalized attention you’ll receive.

The Comfort Food’s Amazing

Berliners eat lighter meals during summer but when winter rolls around, the comfort food the city’s famous for is showcased at restaurants around the city. Potato pancakes, rich soups, and roast goose will make visiting foodies weak at the knees. A warmed alcoholic Glühwein is the perfect accompaniment to these hearty dishes.

Berlin Loves Christmas

Berlin’s Weihnachtsmärkte, or Christmas markets, will turn even the most dedicated Scrooge into a true believer. The city boasts more than 60 Christmas markets in all, which have fabulous festive themed goods and tasty foods and beverages to sustain seasonal shoppers. These charming markets are the ideal places to find unique Christmas gifts or simply soak up the festive spirit. It’d be virtually impossible to see them all but if you’re going to visit just one don’t miss Spandau Old Town. It’s the city’s largest Christmas market, with around 250 stalls on weekdays and 400 on the weekend.

Berlin’s Indoor Activities Rock

With average highs of around 52 degrees and lows of a chilly 10 degrees, Berlin’s winter weather isn’t for the faint-hearted. But don’t let that scare you off a low season vacation. The city has plenty of excellent indoor attractions which are pleasantly calm outside the summer rush season. The city has a wide range of museums including the diverse Naturkundemuseum, the history-focused Deutsches Historisches Museum, and the punk rock-themed Ramones Museum Berlin.

Shopaholics can get their fix at the city’s indoor malls. Alexa boasts 180 stores spread over 56,000 square meters, more than any other mall in Berlin. Friedrichstrasse is another great choice for tourists, particularly those dragging along reluctant shoppers. Take a break from browsing the luxury labels to see significant features like Checkpoint Charlie and pieces of the Berlin Wall.

It might not be a popular time to travel, but there are plenty of great reasons why Berlin is better in the low season.

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