Malta On Any Budget: Top Tips For Your Summer Vacation

When considering summer travel destinations, it’s not very often that Malta appears on the list. However, this wonderfully unique country, just off the coast of Sicily, is actually the ideal place for all holidaymakers, no matter how much they have to spend on their summer vacation.

With these tips, you’ll be able to have an amazing time on these beautiful islands whatever the budget.

Getting There

Even considering its secluded location, Malta is relatively inexpensive to get to. Budget airlines, such as Ryanair, have reasonably priced flights, even throughout the summer, or there are several companies that offer bus and train passage from mainland Europe onto a ferry crossing via Sicily.

Whilst the latter may be slightly more expensive, as the overnight trains and local transfers all start to add up in cost, it’s by far a more intimate way to experience the journey and you can combine it with visits to places along the way. Have a look at for prices of the final ferry crossing, to get a better idea.

For those with more to splash out, Malta is also on many Mediterranean cruise routes; book with Oceania Cruises for a relaxing 12 day excursion from Rome that will get you to Malta in style!

Like most countries, Malta offers a range of accommodation at varying prices. The few hostels on the islands will set you back around €18, whilst hotels in malta can range from €50 to well over €100. Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa is fantastic 5 star resort, and winner of Travellers’ Choice 2016 award.


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If you’re on a lower budget, Airbnb offers a fantastic alternative low-cost option. Particularly if you’re willing to stay in more remote areas, prices can get down to as little as €9– plus, you get the added benefits of a local viewpoint for tips about things to do. Similarly, allows you to find a host and stay for free!

Things To Do

Amazingly, some of the best attractions in Malta are all completely free. The City Gate and Upper Barracca Gardens are both stunning, world-famous landmarks that you can wander around for literally no cost.
Similarly, for those visiting Valletta, the city walls provide an incredible free hike to traverse the city and see its beauty from a birds-eye view. Alongside this, the old town, Mdina, which was the Roman Capital of the island, has a whole plethora of sights to see, as well as many great restaurants to pick up a bite to eat.

If you have the cash to spare, there are some fantastic tours of the islands on offer. Captain Morgan’s Jeep Safaris are a great way to explore the entirety of the country in air-conditioned comfort and style, and will set you back €80.

What To Eat

To keep costs down, follow by the locals lead in order to find the best places to eat.

Some examples include Ta’ Nenu, in Valletta, where you can try local pizza dishes, Ftira, for €6.50, or the trendy Mint café, run by expats from New Zealand, who cater specifically to travelers on a budget.

However, the cheapest option by far is to cook for yourself. Malta is home to many fresh food markets, where you can pick up local produce for an extremely reasonable price.
For five star dining, the islands also have some fantastic options: de Mondion restaurant in the old town of Mdina serves multi-award winning haute cuisine French food, with a unique Maltese twist. Similarly, nearby Medina restaurant offer dishes to die for and is located in the oldest building in the city.

Other Expenses

In terms of other expenses, there are relatively few. For non-EU citizens, there’s a high chance you may require a visa. If you’re from Australia, Canada or the US you can enter for 90 days without paying, but after that, or if you’re from anywhere in the rest of the world, the cost is €60.

Whilst traveling around Malta, the bus services are by far the cheapest option, but if you want a bit more freedom then car hire costs around €16 – €28 – with luxury vehicles available for about €500. For travelling from the airport, the white taxis are convenient but best to avoid if you’re on a budget; they’re notoriously expensive.
No-one should miss out on visiting this spectacular country. There are plenty of amazing attractions and beautiful sites on offer, no matter how much money you’ve packed away for your vacation. So what are you waiting for? Book today and you’re sure to have the summer of a lifetime.

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