Ready to Get Wet This Summer?

Ready to Get Wet This Summer? You will if you go rafting...

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What conjures up images of a fun summer for you, perhaps your family and friends too?

While some may say just kicking back on their patios and not having a care in the world is relaxing enough, many others need to get away from the everyday grit and grind that is life, setting out for a fun-filled vacation spot or two.

If your idea of summer funs including the water, then a trip down the river, out on a lake fishing, or even time in the surf at the ocean might be right up your ally.

No matter what you choose to do, being ready to get wet this summer will help stave off the inevitable dog days that are coming down the pike…

Where to go to Find Relief from the Heat

If your summer schedule has you seeking some relief from hot temps, here are some ideas that are sure to float your boat:

  • Hitting the river – How does a Rogue River rafting trip sound? If you’ve never done one of these before, fun and relief from the heat both await. While some people are happy to set out on the river of choice without tour guides, many others like the feeling of safety and knowledge that tour companies and their guides bring to such an event. When you have experts along for the ride, you not only get to enjoy the scenery, but you learn about the area you are exploring at the same time. From what animals call the area their home to what humans did and currently call the area theirs, rafters become better educated along the way;

  • A little fishing – Whether it is sitting in a small boat on a quiet lake, tackling the countless fish that call rivers their home, or battling the ocean and the inhabitants for some deep sea fishing, there is plenty to enjoy. Even if you do not call yourself an experienced fisherman that is no reason not to want to cast a fly and see how many fish you can reel-in on a given day. As with river rafting or any other ventures into the water, be sure to always practice water safety. Even fishing in the calmest of lakes does not guarantee that something could not go wrong, so boating safety is critical. Just because the water you’re fishing in doesn’t remind you of Niagara Falls, don’t assume you couldn’t have a problem with the boat, become ill etc. while looking for fish;

  • An ocean swim – For millions of Americans, there is no better summertime relief from the hot temperatures than taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico etc. Since only small kids (with adult supervision) typically where protective safety gear into the water, it is important to know your surroundings at all times when swimming in areas of high water. As many swimmers (expert or non-expert) have discovered over the years, it just takes one hit from a wave to throw someone completely out of kilter. When that happens, a fun day of swimming can turn to a feeling of helplessness very quickly. Swimmers should also be careful of creatures such as jellyfish and others that can lead to uncomfortable stings. If you like to surf, the same rules apply when it comes to safety. Lastly, always be respectful of others sharing the water with you. On especially hot days, it doesn’t take long for oceans to fill up with hundreds of people seeking relief from the heat and humidity.


If the idea of getting wet this summer has you excited, make sure your reservations are set, then head out and enjoy as much fun as you can possibly soak up.

For those individuals and/or families deciding that they want to stay close to home (literally at home) for their summertime fun, there is nothing wrong with getting some good pool time in. In fact, some of the best times shared with family and friends over the summer can be right in your own backyard.

No matter where you plan on soaking in all summer has to offer in 2016, make sure you do it safely, meaning you’ll be back once again next summertime for all the fun and frivolity.



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