Staying Safe On The Road This Winter

Winter time is the season which causes more accidents on the road than any other and it is vital as a road user that you do all that you can to stay safe on the roads this year. We have been working in conjunction with and their winter safety campaign for travellers and in particular we have been taking a look at ways in which you can stay safer on the roads this year, let’s take a look.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres have a far deeper tread than your usual tyres which means that when the ice and the snow fall down, you will have far more grip than usual. These tyres are actually a legal requirement in many countries, regardless of where you live, getting these tyres will greatly help you in adverse weather.

Driving Style

It is imperative that you alter your driving style during these winter months in order for you to stay safe. The keys here are that you don’t accelerate with such urgency, you brake far earlier than normal and that you also indicate to other road users much earlier. You also need to keep in mind that other road users may not change their driving style and to stay out of danger you need to expect the worst from everyone on the road.

Necessary ?

You really need to think about each journey and how necessary it is, before you jump in the car. If the weather is bad and you don’t really need to travel, then don’t. Alternatively you could think about using public transport such as a bus or train, anything which will keep you off the roads. Consider car pooling if you don’t feel safe driving in poor conditions, this will also minimise the amount of traffic on the roads.

Car Condition

This is the perfect time, just before the cold weather sets in, that you should make sure that your car is in the best condition for the coming season. A mechanic can give you a winter car checkup for a small price and ensure that you have all of the necessary fluids and that your tyres  have enough tread and enough air for the worsening road conditions. Nobody wants to break down at all, let alone on a cold winter night, make sure that you get your car checked over as soon as possible.

Slater & Gordon have also shared this handy infographic to further help you stay safe when traveling this year.


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