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Sinai and the Red Sea Holiday Tours

Mount Sinai has a long history and is a place Christians in particular would love to visit. Known to be the place where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, a visit to this historic mountain will be an adventure in its own. Then is the Red Sea that Moses is said to have parted on […]

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Benefits of being a Traveler

Some people prefer to stay home. Some people prefer to pour their time over work or school. Some people like to live life to the fullest. Those who live their lives to the fullest are mostly travelers. Traveling may pertain to going from one place to another for leisure or for other purposes. This requires […]

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Luxurious Adventure Travel

Travelling is all about making a journey to fulfill your dreams and discover true beauty. More and more travelers are seeking luxury holidays to make their journey a wonderful adventure that will leave them with outstanding memories. Exotic destinations and full time holiday packages are the perfect qualities to turn a trip into an irresistible adventure. Although luxury is […]

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Solo travel – a self discovery passport

Sometimes you feel the urge to just escape from the daily routine and book a trip somewhere where you can forget about problems and have a wonderful, relaxing time. But there is a big issue: I cannot go by myself, what is the point to go on a trip if I don’t have anybody to […]

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Top Adrenaline Travel Adventures

  Some people like to live on the edge. They are never satisfied with just sunbathing their vacation days on the beach. These are the ones that want thrill and adventure in their days off. If you are an adrenaline freak who likes to feel a glimpse of the danger or diving in shark-infested waters, […]

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Barbados- Heaven on Earth

Sun, beach, sea! What could be more wicked that that? Barbados offers the perfect Caribbean vacation. The island was formerly a British colony, but regained its independence in 1966. Depending on your area of interests and the activities you desire, Barbados offers vacations all year-round. Staying in Barbados When planning your Barbados getaway, first step […]

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Havana City Break

Cuba’s capital city is one of the most vibrant, extraordinary and unique places in the whole wide world. Havana boasts with the finest cluster of colonial architecture landscapes in Latin America, having not suffered any damage in the independence and ordeals. When people picture a Caribbean holiday one thing normally comes to mind: tropical beaches […]

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