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Famous and historical European casinos

In Europe when you think of the home of gambling Monte Carlo will probably be the first place that comes to mind, but all throughout Europe there is a whole variety of famous and old casinos to be found. With casinos found everywhere from the busy streets of London to the waterways of Venice, taking […]

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Fun in the sun in Magaluf

If you’re looking for a holiday resort that offers plenty of nightlife but is still in a great location for doing other things, then have a look at what Magaluf in Mallorca has to offer. Magaluf has long been known for its clubbing and great nightlife and you can be guaranteed to have some great […]

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Top Reasons Why Europe is the Most Popular Destination for Cruises

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for cruises, and there are several compelling reasons why. Attractive Coastlines And Islands Many of Europe’s most important countries have attractive coastlines. The UK and Ireland are islands, whereas Italy consists all of coastline, apart from the northern part of the country. Italy also has the beautiful […]

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The sound of Vienna

Europe hosts a myriad of beautiful holiday destinations. When you start thinking about places to visit on the Old Continent, Vienna definitely comes up in your thoughts. Vienna offers many beautiful sights.  It captures a variety of grand imperial palaces, Baroque and Romanesque cathedrals, with historic museums standing out against contemporary squares. Combined with its […]

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Spain- the Windsurfing Paradise of Europe

Spain is considered the European Mecca of windsurfing. And there is nothing to prove otherwise. Long, amazing coastlines, beautiful wind conditions and a warm climate are just a few of Spain’s pluses. You can windsurf all year long in Spain. Spanish beaches are a point of reference for windsurfing fans from all over the world. […]

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Holla Barcelona!

The Catalan capital, Barcelona is a beautiful modern city, blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and a colourful exhibition of cultural delights and amazing natural landscapes. The Catalonian capital has become a world known year-round tourist destination. Barcelona was built around its port on the Mediterranean Sea. Being one of Europe’s most vibrant and colourful […]

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Skiathos- the Island Touched by Divinity

Although, Skiathos is a small island, her wonderful beaches and the unique landscapes will make it your top choice for a nice summer gateway. Skiathos beaches offer the possibility to enjoy great swimming and water sports activities accompanied by lively taverns. And if the sun gets too strong, try hiding away and enjoy the relaxing […]

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The Mesmerizing Rome

Rome is without any doubt one the most beautiful cities in Europe. Every year millions of tourists come from all over the world to admire the tremendous masterpieces of Roman art and architectural sights. Rome is best enjoyed slowly, like a glass of dry, Italian red wine. Allow yourself the chance to see it properly […]

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Paris, a Romantic Holiday Tale

Paris is known by everyone to be the city of romance. Parisian people are famous for being elegant and playful, the architecture is fascinating, the French cuisine is blissful, and the nightlife is equally proportionate. Culture, history and style are the main characteristics of a holiday to Paris. In every possible way, this is an […]

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Greetings from Berlin

Think of a place where modern architecture still keeps its history, where classic meets the contemporary. Berlin has quickly developed into a booming and fresh destination for travellers. The City combines glamorous streets and grit stone, filled with fascinating museums, galleries, opera and nightclubs. It is the city that has had the biggest transformation since […]

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