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South of France Holidays

France is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations among tourists worldwide. People are captivated by its amazing natural landscapes, fantastic culture, and of course delicious cuisine and divine wines. When you think of the South of France you instantly imagine: sunshine, glamourous and glorious beaches but there is so much more to the region […]

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How to Choose Between the Greek Islands on a Summer Break

Greece is legendary for its status as a perfect summer break. Its golden beaches and blue, salty seas attract large numbers of visitors and holidaymakers every year, all of which are eager to soak up the country’s history and as much glorious sunlight as possible. Although the Greek mainland has an uncountable number of fascinating […]

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Day trips in Majorca: Santa Maria del Cami

Majorca is a destination that most of us associate with sun-drenched beach holidays, but it also home to some beautiful inland towns that have something quite different to offer. One of my favourites is Santa Maria del Cami, which is in the west of the island in the Raiguer district. This historic market town can […]

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Falcon Okell's Brewery

Beer culture in England

This is a guest post by Vera Petryk, an author for “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” this quote by Benjamin Franklin pretty much explains English attitude towards beer drinking. The country of royal heritage and exclusive traditions has a wonderful contrast of punk music and hundreds […]

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Welcome to St Tropez

From time to time we all need that one vacation that will pamper our senses to the fullest! We deserve a nice treat after all the stress we absorb in our bodies in our daily life. And what better way to do that than to leave all our worries at home and book a trip […]

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Ibiza Luxury Holiday

Every now and then we all need some pampering time. It’s difficult to find time for relaxation while dealing with all the hassle of work, financial difficulties and general stress. The best thing you can do is to book a trip to a dream holiday destination and to find an all-inclusive resort that will bring […]

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Short hops from London

Spring has made a reluctant appearance in the UK, after dragging its feet for what seems to be the longest time. Even now we’re still in our coats, so it’s no wonder that lots of people are trying to escape the long chill or 2013 by escaping to warmer climes for the weekend. Here are […]

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Louvre at Dusk

A Romantic View from the Tower in Paris

Paris is many things, however one word that springs to everyone’s mind, is romance. Beautiful architecture, more landmarks than you can think of, amazing shopping, delicious food, and that famous Parisian welcome, it’s no wonder Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. Happily, Paris is also very cheap to get to, […]

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Famous and historical European casinos

In Europe when you think of the home of gambling Monte Carlo will probably be the first place that comes to mind, but all throughout Europe there is a whole variety of famous and old casinos to be found. With casinos found everywhere from the busy streets of London to the waterways of Venice, taking […]

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Fun in the sun in Magaluf

If you’re looking for a holiday resort that offers plenty of nightlife but is still in a great location for doing other things, then have a look at what Magaluf in Mallorca has to offer. Magaluf has long been known for its clubbing and great nightlife and you can be guaranteed to have some great […]

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